Treasury Stock

By May 27, 2019September 21st, 20212 Comments

What is Treasury Stock?

Treasury Stock is stock that a company has repurchased from shareholders.

  • Eddie Wu 4 years ago

    I have a question about the ownership of the public company. Take Apple as an example, I did research and found institutional has about 60% of the stock and retail investor has about 1%. Where is the rest of the 39% of stock? Does the company Apple owns the rest 39% or some other party has it? Thank you

    • Lumovest 4 years ago

      Hi Eddie, these numbers are imperfect to be honest. These data providers calculate ownership based on public information. It’s not like they know precisely who owns Apple and how many shares each person owns. They rely on the public disclosures that funds have to file with the SEC. However, plenty of funds that don’t meet SEC criteria may also own Apple but aren’t required to publicly file their holdings. So these data are rough numbers.

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