Our Story & Mission

Lumovest is an online school that teaches finance, accounting, and investing.

There are millions of people around the world without access to affordable education. Our mission is to democratize financial, accounting and investing education. Learning these subjects can be very expensive and many existing resources fail to explain the concepts in an understandable manner. We want to make education more accessible to people around the world by reducing cost of learning and creating high quality content so easy that even 8 year olds can understand.

We were fortunate to be able to work at the world’s leading investment firms and learned how to conduct rigorous analysis. We want to share that knowledge with you and show you how to analyze businesses and securities like how it’s done in investment banks and private equity firms.

Our online curriculum will walk you through the entire analytical process. You’ll learn important skills, such as how to find company filings, how to read financial statements, how to evaluate a company’s earnings capability, and how to build financial models. We start from the very basics and build on top of that step-by-step.

Sophisticated investing concepts explained in simple and concise manner. I learned more from a month with Lumovest than I did 4 years in University. Jane, Michigan





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Students across the world learn finance, investing and accounting with us.

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Our Beginning

We started our career at Goldman Sachs where we worked 80+ hours a week in the Investment Banking Division, advising publicly-traded and privately-held corporations across different industries on mergers & acquisitions, investment opportunities and financing. In addition to GS, we’ve also worked at the industry’s leading large-cap private equity firms and hedge funds.

From these experiences, we had a front row seat to witness how these firms approach financial analysis and learned important knowledge about finance, accounting and investing. What we teach in our courses is based on what we learned from these experiences.

$8 billion

Invested Based on our Analysis

Our Experiences

During our time on the buyside, we helped our firms invest ~US$8 billion. We learned that valuation is just half the picture. Quality of the business is equally important.

Our courses will teach you how to analyze companies and securities like a professional.

Investments We Worked on Have Been Featured In: