Why We Created Lumovest

When we first started learning about stocks, we were very lost about the whole process. We didn’t know where to start. We tried searching on Google but that required us to 1) know what we need to search for every step along the way and 2) find content explaining the concepts in a logical and simple manner that we can understand. We didn’t.

The content we found on the Internet are often written by people with minimal investing experience. And they’re often written in a manner that uses a bunch of jargons or just filled with logical gaps.

We were fortunate enough to have worked at Wall Street’s top firms where we eventually learned their structured investment strategy. The leading investors at these firms would often give insights into their methodology through interviews and publications, but they’re usually high-level in nature. It almost feels like they’re talking to people who already know investing. They also don’t show you how to actually perform that analysis step-by-step to determine if a stock is a good investment. And yet, that’s exactly what you need.

Learning how to invest in stocks shouldn’t be so difficult. We want to make it strategic, structured, and simple.

That’s why we created Lumovest.

Sophisticated investing concepts explained in simple and concise manner. I learned more from a month with Lumovest than I did 4 years in University. Jane, Michigan





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Trained by Goldman Sachs

We were trained by Goldman Sachs, the world’s most elite investment bank. While we really sharpened our investment analysis at the buyside investment firms, the training we had at Goldman helped us develop a strong analytical foundation.

During our years at Goldman, we often worked 100+ hours a week in the Investment Banking Division, where we advised publicly-traded corporations across the Industrial, Consumer and Retail industries on investment opportunities that can enhance their long-term shareholder value, as measured by stock price.

We’ll share what we’ve learned with you through our courses.

$8 billion

Invested Based on our Analysis

Learn from experts.

We worked for the world’s top investment firms where we learned the art & science of stock investing. Over our time in the industry, we helped our firms invest ~US$8 billion into the stocks we analyzed.

Our courses will teach you how to invest in stocks like a pro.

Investments We Worked on Have Been Featured In: