The Difference Is Everything.

Lumovest teaches in-demand financial and investment analysis skills to turn you into a star analyst so you can succeed in your career and lead the future of the industry.


Not Mediocre.

Don’t just learn from any instructor. Our instructors were top analysts at the world’s top firms and was staffed to work on their largest and most important transactions.


Not Years.

Finance shouldn’t take years to learn. With our curriculum, you’ll be able to perform sophisticated financial analysis and get certified in as quickly as six months.


Not Theoretical.

We don’t teach theories or academic research. We teach you to analyze like how work is done on Wall Street’s top firms, such as Goldman Sachs and KKR.


Not Extortionate.

Don’t you hate it when institutions charge tens of thousands of dollars for tuition, books and exam fees? We respect your wallet by making education affordable.


Not Quantity.

Some online schools tout the number of courses they have. We agonize instead over how to present the materials so you can learn the materials easily and “get it”.


Not Passive.

We think the best way to learn is learning-by-doing. At Lumovest, you’ll build financial models and perform analyses on real companies, such as PayPal and Chipotle.

Education should be expensive and exclusive.

affordable and accessible .

Learning finance should be hard and complex.

easy and enjoyable.

We envision a future where anyone
who wants to can learn finance and investing.

We can do this without you.

can’t do it without you.

To achieve our vision, we need your help.

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