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Give your students the experience, skillset, and confidence they need to succeed in their career.

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Practical Content

Business-relevant courses taught based on how things are done on Wall Street’s top firms and common job interview questions.

Control the Curriculum

Customize the content to choose what you’d like to teach in your classes. We’ll also provide you with quizzes and exams that you can use.

Analyst Certification

After completing all courses, everyone on your team will have a chance to receive Lumovest’s GFIA Certification within 2 days.

The curriculum does a great job of starting at the most basic level and building knowledge in a logical flow. Lumovest is great for those without prior finance knowledge, and has also worked very well as a complement to university curriculum and has given our students invaluable ‘hands-on’ experience.

Anna Cai, Instructor of Finance & Economics

What Your Students Will Learn

How to forecast financial statements
How to analyze the financial health of companies
How to read financial statements and extract key insights
How to use financial metrics to support key decision making
How to build sophisticated financial models to support strategic decisions
How to use Excel formulas to speedily and effectively organize and analyze data
How to think about different business initiatives to maximize your company value
How to build advanced financial models, such as cash/stock M&A, LBO and DCF analyses