For commerce and for purpose

At Lumovest, being a good corporate citizen not only means complying with laws and regulations, but also contributing to social causes that improve the society around us. The world we live in today are far more prosperous than the world our parents and grandparents lived. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to do our part to help make the world an even better place for future generations.

Based on this belief, we allocate a portion of our profits every year to advance three causes.

Promote Education

Education is the fuel that drives the upward trajectory of human society. Advances in technology, science, human rights, and access to food were all made possible through wider and better education. Lumovest might be a small company compared to the likes of Amazon, but we want to do our part in contributing to global education.

The pictures to the right show children in less-fortunate regions climbing cliffs in order to attend their school.

Fight Depression

Depression is a common illness affecting more than 264 million people worldwide. Although there are known, effective treatments for mental disorders, between 75- 85% of people in low- and middle-income countries receive no treatment for their disorder. We care about this deeply because we have close friends who struggled with this illness.

Protect Environment

Arctic ice is melting at record pace. Forests across Australia, Brazil, Canada and United States are burning. We mark new record heat each summer and new record cold each winter as extreme weather becomes more common. Continued environmental deterioration would upheave billions of lives around the world. We must do our part to protect the environment.

Lumovest partners with the following organizations

Individual Financial Aid

If you have made significant contributions to one or more of these causes as part of your professional or academic or extracurricular experiences, we’d like to offer you financial aid to our courses, up to 80%. The discount is limited to new students with a track record of involvement and significant contributions to the above causes. Please contact us to get started.

Non-Profit Institutional Financial Aid

If your organization advocates for one or more of these issues as part of your core mission, we’d like to offer your team a significant discount to our courses, up to 80% . The discount is limited to non-profit organizations whose core mission is to advance at least one of the above causes. Please contact us to get started.

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