Engaging video lessons.

Videos power Lumovest’s online learning platform, so we invest heavily in our videos to provide you the best viewing experience.

Visual Learning

We made awesome graphics to illustrate financial concepts.

Captions Enabled

Turn on/off English captions for different video lessons.

Mobile Ready

Our video player scales to fit mobile devices’ screen size.


Use keyboard shortcuts, like space bar, to control the videos.


Adjust volume, speed, and quality based on your preferences.

Search within Videos

Trying to find a specific moment in a video? You can search key words within the video and it’ll bring you to the exact moment you’re looking for.


We designed our online learning platform to streamline your learning experience so that you can learn in a distraction-free environment.

Download Files

Our courses come with downloadable materials in the form of company documents, learning summaries, financial modeling exercises, and Excel templates.

Customer Support

Lumovest customer support team works throughout the year to service you, even on New Year’s Day. We’re here for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We’re based in NYC so we’re on Eastern Time Zone.

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Visualized Learning

We are firm believers in visualized learning. Hearing the instructor explain concepts while watching graphics demonstrate how they work make things so much easier to understand. That’s why we use graphics and charts extensively in our lessons.

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Finance Courses

  • Taught by ex-Goldman Sachs IBD instructor
  • 100% online; set your own pace
  • Structured curriculum
  • Easy to understand
  • Download financial models
  • Blockchain-verified GFIA™ Certification

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$179 / 6mths

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