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Investor Resources

13 Lessons | 4 Quizzes

This course goes over the investor resources that we’ll utilize to analyze stocks and where to find them. We’ll learn the US government’s stock market regulating body, the reports it require public companies to disclose, as well as the valuable resources companies provide through Investor Relations. Once we know the type of information available to us and where to find them, we’ll be able to perform our investment analysis.

Key Takeaways:

  • Where to find information
  • Important SEC filings
  • Resources through Investor Relations


1. Introduction to SEC


In this video, we'll introduce the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and its role regulating the stock market.

2. SEC Filing: 10-K


The 10-K is probably the most important filing companies file with the SEC. It's known as the "annual report".

3. SEC Filing: 10-Q


The 10-Q is the quarterly report US-based public companies have to file with the SEC.

4. SEC Filing: 8-K


The 8-K is filed with the SEC whenever there's a material event that affects the company. It's also known as the "current report".

5. SEC Filing: S-1


In this video, we'll learn about the S-1 filing that companies have to file with the SEC in order to be publicly traded.

6. SEC Filing: DEF 14A


The DEF 14A is a proxy statement filed with SEC that provides information related to corporate governance.

7. Investor Relations


In this video, we'll learn about public companies' Investor Relations function and the valuable resources it provides.

8. Earnings Call


Earnings call is a conference call between company management and the investment community to discuss business performance results.

9. Other IR Resources


In this video, we'll learn about the other resources available through Investor Relations, such as press releases and presentations.

10. Yahoo! Finance


Yahoo! Finance is a valuable place to obtain the latest market data related to stocks (i.e. stock prices, 52-week performance, etc).

11. Equity Research


In this video, we'll learn about the equity research reports Wall Street firms publish.

12. Stock Alerts


In this video, we'll learn how to set up stock alerts.

13. Connecting Dots


There's three main pieces of information we need for our stock analysis: business and industry data, market data, and financials.