Online courses to learn finance and investing

Learn finance, accounting and investing like how they’re used at Wall Street’s top investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds.


  • Investing Strategy
  • Stock Market
  • Stock Analysis


  • Terms & Principles
  • Financial Statements
  • GAAP & Non-GAAP


  • Concepts & Ratios
  • Forecasting
  • Capital Structure


  • Operating Models
  • Scenario Switches
  • Excel Shortcuts


  • Valuation Multiples
  • Intrinsic Valuation
  • Valuation Drivers


  • Investment Banking
  • PE | HF | VC | AM
  • FP&A | Corporate Development

Finance and investing courses that 8 year olds can understand.




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Become a Star Analyst

You’ll learn from former Goldman Sachs investment bankers who also worked at the world’s top hedge fund and private equity firms. Our online courses will provide you the knowledge taught to analysts and associates at these Wall Street firms while respecting your wallet and your time. We’ll break the convoluted concepts down in a way that you can understand. By the end of our curriculum, you’ll be able to analyze companies like a star analyst.

Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division - Lumovest online courses

Jackson Mitchell

US Navy, Technician

Lumovest is hands down the best finance and investing course I have ever taken! This course provides a level of insight and detail that is second to none. The depth in which each topic is discussed takes you from being acquainted with a topic to being truly knowledgeable in the nuances of the subject.

Ace Wang

London Business School, MBA

Lumovest is the best I’ve learned with and much better than any finance-oriented books (which is difficult to read) and other training programs. I believe the courses will help people build a solid and strong fundamental knowledge. I’m eager to keep learning with Lumovest.

Andrew Spiegel

J.P. Morgan Investment Banking

The Lumovest courses provided me with a rooted understanding of finance technicals in an easy-to-follow way. To be totally honest, I already had a strong foundation coming from business school, but Lumovest totally re-shaped the way I approach investing.

Professionals at these banks & consulting firms learn through our GFIA curriculum to enhance their knowledge and analytical skill-set:

Students at the world’s leading universities learn through our GFIA curriculum to supplement their school work and to prepare for finance recruiting:

Experience Our Learning Platform

Lumovest includes a number of features that make learning finance, accounting and investing extremely effective. We have a structured curriculum that starts from the very beginning and then gradually building your knowledge up to the professional level. You can also ask questions and get answers from investment professionals at the world’s top buyside investment firms.

Follow a Structured Curriculum

We structured our courses so that you learn the right things in the right order.

Access to Investment Professionals

Don’t understand something? Ask questions on any lesson and our team will answer it.

Learn by Doing

You’ll perform the financial analysis in worksheets alongside us step-by-step.

Learn Finance from an Investor’s Perspective

We teach our courses from an investor’s perspective. Why? Because the entire subject of finance is built around maximizing investors’ value, helping investors get the most from their money. Investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, corporate finance, FP&A, venture capital, etc. They all revolve around maximizing investors’ value. Look at it from this perspective and everything will naturally click.

Become a Sophisticated Investor

Learn how to analyze stocks and other investments like professionals at the top private equity firms (PE) and hedge funds (HF).

Crush Interview Technicals

Develop a superior technical foundation for investment banking, research, private equity, hedge fund, and corporate finance interviews.

Be a Star Analyst / Associate

Enhance your on-the-job analytical skillset to become a star analyst / associate. Get staffed on important deals. Get promoted.