10 Reasons to Learn with Lumovest

There’re many other finance, accounting, and investing courses on the Internet. So why should you choose Lumovest?

Call us biased, but we truly believe from the bottom of our heart that Lumovest offers the best value. Here are 10 reasons you should learn with us:

1 | Real Practical Knowledge

Learn how things are done at the top Wall Street firms.

You’re not learning some random finance course created by amateurs. With Lumovest, you’ll learn finance as they’re applied at the investment banks, private equity firms, and hedge funds. We focus on teaching you practical knowledge, showing you how to perform the analysis like a professional.

2 | Online Course

Learn whenever and wherever you want.

All of our courses are conducted online, on our website. You don’t have to travel to any location. You can learn at home or on the go. Whenever you like. At your own pace. And you can replay the lessons however many times you want.

3 | Break into Finance

Want a job in IB/PE/HF? You’ll stand out.

Most candidates can memorize the answers to the common technical questions in a job interview. But very few demonstrate a coherent understanding of why things are the way they are. Even fewer demonstrate the ability to think like an investor. The Lumovest courses will help you gain an edge in recruiting.

4 | Become a Sophisticated Investor

Empower yourself to grow your money.

We want to empower you to make intelligent investment decisions so you can grow your money at high returns over the long-term. Investing in the stock market is critical for long-term capital preservation against inflation and capital appreciation for your retirement plans.

5 | Structured Curriculum

Learn the right things in the right order.

We designed our curriculum so that we start at the very beginning, assuming zero knowledge, and gradually build up your knowledge from there, piece by piece. You don’t ever have to worry about what you need to learn next, because we’ve taken care of that for you. Everything you need is in one place.

6 | Case-Based

We teach you to think like an investor from Day 1.

We teach our courses using the case method. Throughout our courses, we place you in the role of the investor considering a real investment opportunity. Then you read through the materials and perform the analysis alongside us to form your investment decision (buy vs. hold vs. sell).

Lumovest Learning Model

7 | Learn-by-Doing

You’ll perform the financial analysis alongside us.

The truth is, you’ll never master rigorous analysis just by watching videos or reading books. You have to get your hands dirty and perform the analysis yourself. It’ll challenge you to think about a whole bunch of elements you otherwise won’t even notice. Many of our lessons come with corresponding worksheets so you can learn-by-doing.

8 | Simple & Logical

Explained in simple English. Grounded in logic.

We make it easy to learn complex concepts by breaking it down into small incremental steps. We walk you through each step using everyday language and we also emphasize logical flow in all our courses. With our lessons, you’ll not only learn what to do, but also why things are the way they are.

9 | Retain What You Learned

Validate and retain what you learned through quizzes.

Each course consists of multiple quizzes that you can use to validate what you learned. Our quizzes include a mixture of problem sets and conceptual questions designed to reinforce the lessons. This helps you retain what you’ve learned so you can apply the knowledge when you need it.

10 | Questions & Answers

Get your questions answered.

Unlike other resources, you can ask questions on our digital learning platform and get answers from buyside investment professionals. Simply leave your question on the corresponding lesson, and a member from our Customer Support team will answer it. We provide 365-day support throughout the year!