Our courses are perfect for students recruiting for Investment Banking Summer Analyst & Summer Associate positions.

Complex Concepts Made Easy

If you can do 1+1=2, then you can learn finance with Lumovest. Seriously, we made our courses that easy to understand. Whether you’re from a liberal arts background or if you flunked your school’s finance class, you can develop a superior technical foundation for finance job interviews with Lumovest courses.

Discount Rate? Enterprise Value? Adjusted EBITDA? We’ll explain what everything means in simple English.

What is the Discount Rate?


The discount rate is a critical component of the discounted cash flow calculation, an equation that determines how much a series of future cash flows is worth as a single lump sum value today.


The discount rate is the annual return investors require to earn on an investment.

Investment Banking Summer Internship Offers Received:

Crush Review Barclays - Lumovest

“I needed a solid foundation in Corporate Valuation and Lumovest did the magic for me. The price is friendly and the content is second to none. Needless to say, I got multiple offers and that would not have been possible if not for Lumovest.”

– Dartmouth student received multiple IBD summer internship offers

Unparalleled Focus on Logical Flow

Many candidates for investment banking, private equity, hedge fund, corporate finance and other finance jobs try to memorize the answers to the common interview technical questions. Naturally, they struggle when the interviewers alter the questions a bit or throw them a curveball. Their answers are built on a weak technical foundation that could easily crumble and interviewers see right through it.

That’s why we focus on helping you see the logical flow behind everything. Once you understand the logic behind all the formulas and jargons, finance will make natural sense to you. You’ll be able to think through problems on the spot, which is a lot more impressive..

  • Accounting & Financial Statements

    You’ll learn important accounting principles and develop a deep and integrated understanding of financial statements. We’ll learn the major line items, how they tell the story behind a business, etc.

  • Equity Value & Enterprise Value

    Equity Value and Enterprise Value are common technical topics in an interview. You’ll gain a logical framework that you can use to handle all the curveball questions thrown at you in an interview.

  • Valuation Methodologies

    You’ll learn how to value a business through valuation multiples (“comps”) and models such as the Discounted Cash Flow (“DCF”) analysis.

  • Financial Modeling

    We’ll walk you through how to build operating and valuation models in Excel, including using various keyboard shortcuts and how to build functionalities such as flexing multiple scenarios.

Lumovest - Taught By Professionals from Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Divsion

Superior Technicals = Conceptual + Mechanical

Having gone through investment banking, private equity and hedge fund interviews ourselves, we know that you need a combination of conceptual and mechanical understanding to really develop a superior technical foundation. Understanding the concepts of finance and accounting is really just half the picture. You have to also understand how they’re mechanically executed in practice: where the numbers are sourced from, how to analyze these numbers in Excel, etc. So we designed our courses in a way that helps you build both conceptual and mechanical understanding.

Case-Based Online Courses

Our Lumovest courses teach finance through a real investment case study so the concepts are no longer abstract. You’ll see exactly why they matter and how they matter in the real world.

Excel Worksheets

After we learn new concepts, we go over how to mechanically execute these concepts in our analysis. We provide Excel worksheets that you can build alongside us as we progress.

Quiz Questions

At the end of each course, there are multiple quizzes to help you solidify what you’ve learned conceptually and mechanically. They help reinforce everything you learned.

Crush Investment Banking Technical Interviews for $30/mo

  • Structured curriculum
  • Perfect for investment banking summer analyst & summer associate interviews
  • Easy to understand
  • Set your own pace
  • Q&A with buyside investment professionals
  • Quizzes and worksheets