Develop a Structured Critical Thinking Framework

If you want to be a star Analyst / star Associate, you must develop the skill of critical thinking. When your client or VP/MD ask you questions about your analysis on the spot, responses like “I don’t know” will slowly erode your credibility. Here at Lumovest, we emphasize frameworks. Frameworks provide a structured thought process to understand a particular topic. Why did the company’s margins expand? Why did free cash flow decrease year over year? You’ll learn valuable frameworks to help you think critically through problems and stand out on the job.

Enhance Your Knowledge in Selected Areas

Be a Star Analyst - Morgan Stanley Review

“Kudos to the Lumovest team for providing such high-quality materials. I came from a non-traditional background and Lumovest’s courses equipped me with critical corporate finance and financial modeling skills.”

– Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Professional

Financial Modeling with Best Practices

As we progress through our courses, we’ll teach you how to build beautiful, dynamic and effective financial models using best practices as they’re taught to us during our Investment Banking Analyst days at Goldman Sachs. We’ll start simple and build up to more complex maneuvers in Excel as we progress.

Revenue Model

Revenue is known as the “top-line” and it drives the rest of the financials. In our courses, we teach you to think about revenue and analyze it in terms of price and volume, which is how it’s done at the world’s top private equity firms and hedge funds.

Lumovest Learning Model - Revenue

Operating Model

The operating model serves as the backbone on which you can layer on valuation and/or transaction models, such as DCF, M&A and LBO. Whether you’re working on the sell-side or the buyside or in corporate, you’ll need to know how to analyze a company’s operating performance and model it. We’ll teach you how to build an operating model with GAAP and non-GAAP financials.

Lumovest Learning Model - Income Statement

Case Drivers

Learn how to efficiently build case drivers to reflect financials under different possible scenarios. You’ll be able to flex different scenarios at the click of a button. This becomes particularly relevant when analyzing a company’s performance under different potential outcomes.

Lumovest Learning Model - Case Drivers

Become a Star Analyst / Associate for $30/mo

  • Structured curriculum
  • Best practices as it’s done at the top banks & investment firms
  • Easy to understand
  • Set your own pace
  • Q&A with buyside investment professionals
  • Quizzes and worksheets